Race Aliens to Become the Fastest Runner in the Galaxy in Galactic Rush for Windows Phone 8

Galactic Rush Cover

Galactic Rush is an endless runner set in space, where you will be guiding a human astronaut through various space themed courses. The story goes that you are attending a Galactic Convention when it is discovered that the snacks to be served at the event have not arrived. The event managers need the fastest guy to run out and grab the snacks before the mistake becomes evident to all. After a big discussion, it is decided to have a competition to find out who the fastest guy in the universe is so that the job can be assigned to him.

Galactic Rush (2)Galactic Rush (3)Galactic Rush (4)Galactic Rush (5)

As with all endless runners you will run, jump, double jump over rocks, caverns and other obstacles that come your way such as flying anvils and giant monsters. Coins and biogels are the collectibles and they can be exchanged for upgrades and additional characters. You can log in to Facebook to share your stats, view your achievements, and compare scores with friends.

Galactic Rush is a fun casual game for Windows Phone 8 that should provide you with good entertainment in short bursts. The first level, Moon is free to play but you’ll need to pay $1.49 via IAPs to unlock the remaining two levels. If you’re interested in the game, you can pick up Galactic Rush here in the Windows Phone Store.

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