Race to the Beat in the Fast Paced Retro Game Spectra 8bit Racing for Windows

Spectra 8bit Racing Windows Phone

Are you ready to play one of the most dazzling, edgy, racing games on your Windows device? Then its time to pick up Spectra 8bit Racing, a snazzy, neon lit, fast paced 8-bit racing game from Gateway Interactive.

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Spectra 8bit Racing 2

Spectra 8bit Racing 3

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The game’s highlight is its musical score, which incidentally is the work of DJ Chipzel, the artist behind the music in Super Hexagon. The 10 unique music tracks in Spectra are used to generate procedural levels and you guide your ship through strings of light that shimmers and shakes to the music. Obstacles lie in your path and you must deftly avoid them while collecting points to build up your scores. The speed increases as the game progresses so you’ll need plenty of advanced skills if you want to progress further.

Spectra 8bit Racing is a universal app so you can buy the game once and play it on any Windows 8 device of your choice. You can also play cross-platform as cloud support is available for both Xbox and Windows Phone devices.

If you love rhythm based games like Song Arc, you can pick up Spectra 8bit Racing from the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store for $3.99.

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