RadianGames Brings Shooting Joy to Windows Phone Users with JoyJoy

JoyJoy Windows Phone

JoyJoy is a fun twin-stick shooter game that has just landed on the Windows Phone Store, thanks to the efforts popular publishers and developers RadianGames. If you’ve played some of their previous games like Ballistic SE, Super Crossfire and Inferno+, you’ll feel right at home with JoyJoy.

In the game, you guide your ship around an arena where waves upon waves of enemies are unleashed. You have six different types of upgradable weapons at your disposal that can be selected from a virtual button on screen to take on the incoming waves. Unlike previous games, you are encouraged to leave the safety of the surrounding walls and reach to the core of the arena to pick tactical powerups that dead enemies leave behind.

JoyJoy 1

JoyJoy 2

JoyJoy 3

JoyJoy 4

There are 24 unique waves in the game that make the action fast, frantic and immensely satisfying. Not to mention the fact that there are six intensive challenges and seven difficulty levels that add to the game’s replay value, should you decide to spend more and more time on the game.

If fast paced frantic shooters are your idea of a most enjoyable time, you can check out JoyJoy. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.99.

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