It’s Raining Blobs as Tetris-Like Arcade Game Hits the Windows Phone Store

Anyone who has played Tetris knows how addictive the game is. And any developer who wants to create an irresistible game can be forgiven if he uses Tetris as an inspiration. Endi Milojkoski for one, who has created Raining Blobs for Windows phone gamers.

In the game, colorful blobs rain down the screen a la Tetris-style and your job is to connect blobs of the same color. The blobs will then merge together and can be eliminated from the screen only when you match two or more starred blobs of that color. You earn points for elimination and the bigger the blobs you clear out, the more points you earn.

There are five modes in the game giving you enough variety to play with, should you get bored after a while. There’s a Normal mode for anyone who is interested in playing at a casual pace and there’s a Hard mode for players who like a stiffer challenge. In the Hyper mode the blobs fall down at a crazy pace, so you’ll have to be hyper alert and on your toes if you’re aiming to go for that one. In the Time mode, you try and score maximum points in under two minutes and in the Story mode, you play through sixty levels of preset puzzles where you’ll be saving Maggie from the evil blobs. The game features the usual power ups that help you score more points in a quicker fashion.

If you are looking for a fast fun casual time killer, Raining Blobs is worth a look. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for $0.99, but you can try the game before you buy it.

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