Reach for the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon on Your Windows Phone

Reach for the Sky is a game that some Windows Phone gamers may be familiar with. It was launched some time last year and was unfortunately withdrawn by the developer later. Now the game has come back to life with the same title but as an improvement over the latter. The 2014 version of the game is still all about reaching for the sky in a hot air balloon but the visuals and gameplay mechanics have been vastly improved.

In the game you move your balloon to the left or right by tapping on the respective side of the screen. The balloon moves up with the help of hot air, which you must grab as it drops from the sky. You must ensure that you have just the right amount of hot air to keep progressing. Too little of it will sink your balloon while too much of it will propel the balloon so high that you won’t be able to see incoming obstacles such as birds and helicopters.

Reach for the Sky 1

Reach for the Sky 2

Your basic objective is to go as high as possible and grab top scores. Diamonds, which fall from the sky can be picked up to boost those scores. If you collect more of them in a row, your combo multiplier also goes up. Unlike usual endless runners, this game does have an ending. You need to stay alive for as long as the song is playing. This sounds easy but its not when you’re dealing with fast falling asteroids at greater heights. Quick reaction times are a must if you want to get past any level in the game, and this is what makes Reach for the Sky engaging.

One unpleasant factor though is the lack of tilt controls, which makes more sense in a game that requires speedy reactions. That doesn’t mean that the tap controls are bad, but you’ll have to turn them on before you start the game. Another feature that the game could do with is a real-world leaderboard to encourage a bit of competitive gaming. Other factors that could add a bit of polish to the game include alternate soundtracks, improved sound effects and a bit of humor.

That said, Reach for the Sky is still a game that you can enjoy. Its un-obtrusive IAPs and ads are a relief and coupled with the fact that the game is absolutely free, there’s no reason not to pick up this one from the Windows Phone Store.

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