Real-Time Strategy Game Roman Empire Invades the Windows Stores

Roman Empire Windows 8 (1)
The king is dead. Long live the new Caesar. That’s you. Yep, you can play the all-conquering hero Caesar in Privy Games’ massive real time strategy game Roman Empire not just on your Windows Phone, but also on your Windows desktop, laptop and tablet devices.

Roman Empire is set in the year 753 B.C. You start off in the small village of Rome and send out your troops to conquer neighboring villages and towns in a bid to extend your empire. As you conquer more and more areas, your army grows in might and strength. Your enemies will not give up without a fight though, and you will be the target of attacks yourself, so you must be prepared. You have about 500 years of conquering to complete as you completely overtake Europe by 117 A.D.

Roman Empire Windows 8 (2)Roman Empire Windows 8 (3)Roman Empire Windows 8 (4)Roman Empire Windows 8 (5)

There are various campaigns to run through and the battles are quick and entertaining. There’s a helpful tutorial that pops up now and again giving you hints and directions on play. As far as controls go, it’s just a matter of tapping, dragging and dropping troops, nothing too complicated.

Roman Empire is free to download and play on your Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.  Click here to get the free copy for your Windows Phone. If you prefer to play on a large screen, grab the Windows 8 version here.

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