Reckless Racing Ultimate on Windows 8

Reckless Racing Ultimate Windows 8(1)

Microsoft made available Ultimate edition of the famous birds-eye view racer ported from Windows (previously ported from Xbox). Free trail is available, full version is priced at $4.99 (considering the graphics and in-game versatility, might be considered a fair price).

Player starts in his or hers garage (*khm NFS Underground *khm) where hard earned racing money can be used to buy upgrades, tweaks and other advantages over the opponent. Speaking of cars, there will be no shortage of them, 24 vehicles, 20 career mode tournaments (with a progressive increase in difficulty), 50 arcade tasks and more than 140 customizable events. Graphics are outstanding, game play challenging and Reckless Racing Ultimate is an entertaining game for your Windows 8 computer, be it a laptop, desktop or tablet. You can control the car by on-screen and keyboard controls or with Xbox controller.

Reckless Racing Ultimate Windows 8(2)

Reckless Racing Ultimate Windows 8(3)

Reckless Racing Ultimate Windows 8(4)

Reckless Racing Ultimate Windows 8(5)

In summary, devs included many features which include:

Single and multiplayer gaming – including 1 on 1, human vs human races
Car modding – tweak, upgrade, tune your ride
Game mods – test your skills in various environments and in different modes (Career or Arcade)
Leader boards – There can be only one

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