Rescue Dragons in Real-life Environments in DreamWorks Dragons Adventure for Windows

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure Windows Phone

Dragons may not be the most popular game characters but developers don’t seem to mind throwing them together now and again for our entertainment purposes. Dreamworks, the studio behind lovable animation movies have worked with Microsoft to create a new game for Windows Phone devices that immerses players into the dragon world from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

In the game you train dragons and go on worldwide quests to rescue other dragons that have been captured by evil dragon trappers. The unique aspect of the game is that it lets you enjoy playing while going on a road trip. You are required to enter your current destination into the app, which it then uses to collate information from Foursquare, HERE Maps and The Weather Channel to customize the gameplay along your driving route. As you pass over Foursquare venues, they will appear on your game map in real-time. Similarly, the weather channel data will display real-time weather conditions in the area you are exploring.

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure 1

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure 2

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure 3

DreamWorks Dragons Adventure 4

Since most the game missions are connected to where you are travelling, they will ideally end when you reach your destination. You also have the option of exploring cities from around the world in the Explore mode.

Dragons Adventure certainly offers a unique concept of gameplay, which is worth checking out. The game is available exclusively on Windows Phone ( 1GB RAM) and Windows 8 devices. There’s also a companion app to enhance your gameplay. Click on the buttons below to download DreamWorks Dragon Adventure for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 devices.

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