Ride the Waves in Riptide GP2 for Windows 8

Fancy some jet skiing on your Windows 8 PC? Vector Unit’s massively popular Riptide GP2 has landed on the Windows Store, which means you can pull out your rocket-powered hydro jets and dive into the tempestuous waters for some rip-roaring racing action.

Riptide GP2 Windows 8 (1)

Riptide GP2 features over 50 races in categories that include Hot Lap, Elimination and Freestyle events. You can pick up 10 different hydro jets and customize and upgrade them to your heart’s content, but its not something you do just for fun either. The acceleration, top speed, handling, and boost power all goes into overdrive when you upgrade and that can certainly turn the tides in your favor if you want to see yourself on top of that podium. You can also race against the virtual recordings of your friends best performances if you like to try something different.

Riptide GP2 Windows 8 (2)Riptide GP2 Windows 8 (3)Riptide GP2 Windows 8 (4)Riptide GP2 Windows 8 (5)

The mind blowing graphics in Riptide 2 is definitely a big factor that makes the game so enjoyable as you feel the splish-splash of the water, the shifting dynamics of the tracks, the maniacal jumps and stunts and the unpredictable nature of the rides.

Riptide GP2 is available on the Windows Store for $1.49 but a free trial is available for anyone who still has their doubts.

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