Robot Bros for Windows Phone is a Fun Action Platformer with Puzzle Elements

Sweets Mania Space Quest Windows Phone (1)

Its one thing to handle one robot and get him overcome all sorts of obstacles and trials before taking him to the safety of the finish line, but imagine having to deal with two. That’s the challenge that publishers 108km Tech Ltd. throws your way in their an action platformer Robot Bros.

Each of the robots have special abilities and you can make use of them to overcome the obstacles that you’ll meet along the way. For instance, you can make ice blocks to reach higher platforms, break down wooden boxes that stand in the way, or even fly over others.

You make use of the game’s controls, the movement and jump buttons displayed on the left and right of the screen to take control of the robots actions. You will also pick up special abilities as you progress through the game, which will show up on the top of the screen.

Sweets Mania Space Quest Windows Phone (2)

Sweets Mania Space Quest Windows Phone (3)

The game has 90 levels to play through and you can switch between 6 robots if you want a bit of variety. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging time killer, check out Robot Bros on the Windows Phone Store. Its available for the price of free.

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