Royal Revolt 2 Comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Royal Revolt 2 Windows Phone

Just earlier this month, Royal Revolt 2 by FlareGames was soft launched on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Now, it is released globally so anyone and everybody can play Royal Revolt 2.

Royal Revolt 2 1

Royal Revolt 2 2

Royal Revolt 2 3

Royal Revolt 2 4

If you haven’t already heard of Royal Revolt 2 then you’re missing out. At its core, Royal Revolt 2 is similar to a tower defense game. You are defending your castle by creating a deadly maze full of traps for your enemies.At your disposal you have the various traps, troops, magic spells and more to rain down destruction on your opponents. You also get to build up your physical castle. All of this in Royal Revolt 2 is presented in absolutely gorgeous 3D graphics. So if you’re in the mood for a more RPG-ish tower defense game then Royal Revolt 2 is for you. Check it out on the Windows Store.

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