Score! World Goals is a Sports Puzzle Game That Lets You Relive Your Favorite Football Goals

If you are an ardent football fan and have fond remembrances of great goals scored over the last few decades, you can experience them all over again with the fun puzzle sports game Score! World Goals.

In the game, you get a chance to recreate over 700 goals from various global events including domestic leagues, European cups and International tournaments. The game’s intuitive swipe gestures and counter reactions will make every passing, crossing, and shooting action thrilling and challenging.

You can earn up to three stars in every level and try your footy skills in Amateur, Pro & Bonus modes with different difficulty settings. The game features several packages the first of which lets you play through famous goals of 2010. The rest of the packages can be unlocked by playing the game. Level packs can also be purchased via IAPs ranging from $1.99 up to $45.99. The developers are also promising to keep the content fresh with regular pack updates.

If you love football, be sure to pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

Windows Phone Store

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