Shadowy Intrigue and Horror Plots Entrap You in Enigmatis 2 Now on Windows 8 and Windows Phone

If you are to count the number of good games that hit the Windows platform before Android and iOS, there wouldn’t be too many. Artifex Mundi’s Enigmatis 2 is certainly one that fits the bill. This horror hidden object game is a sequel to Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek and anyone who has played the game will certainly be eager to seek an end to the suspense and discover the truth behind the mysteries. For those not familiar with the Enigmatis series, here’s what its all about.

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In Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek, players take on the role of a detective who is sent to the area to discover a missing girl. The mystery of the disappearance leads her to a demonic preacher who somehow eludes her in the game’s final scene. In Enigmatis 2 also called Enigmatis: Mists of Ravenwood players get a chance to finally resolve the mystery.

The detective is back and this time she hopes to resolve the dark and mysterious happenings that started almost a year ago in Maple Creek. An abandoned camper and some scattered belongings take her to Ravenwood park, where she senses a mysterious presence. Is it the demonic preacher or a possible ally? Well, you’ve got to play on to discover what happens next and you can do it by downloading the game on your Windows Phone or Windows 8 device.

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Remember, this is a hidden object game so you will be searching for clues, discovering items and using them later on to unravel further answers to confounding mysteries. The game also features lots of puzzles and mini games to keep things refreshing. Plus, there’s bonus content from the Collector’s Edition game on PC too.

Enigmatis 2 is free to download and play for a few levels. After that you’ll have to unlock the full game via IAPs. Currently the game is available at a special launch price of $2.99 for Windows Phone and $4.99 for Windows 8 devices. If you’re into eerie and sinister adventures, check out the game on a device of your choice.

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