Sharpen Your Word Building Skills the Disney Way with Words of Wonder for Windows

Words of Wonder Windows Phone

There are plenty of word games out there in the Windows Store, but it never hurts to have more. Disney who is expanding its Windows games collection in leaps and bounds this year, has brought out another one, this time for word games lovers. The game is called Words of Wonder and it involves finding words on a board with some restrictions in gameplay.

There is a flimsy storyline that adds a bit of Disney touch to the game. Disney character Watson the Owl makes an appearance here and he wants you to help him solve the word puzzles so that the curse that is erasing the color from his storybook will be removed.

The game has 16 chapters filled with over 60 levels of gameplay. You have to complete a goal in each level, the restriction being that you should do so in a limited number of moves or before the timer runs out. There are boosts you help you out ranging from a board shuffle to getting extra moves. At the end of a level you earn stars and bonus points for your efforts.

One downside to the game is that the levels are energy based so you may have to wait for some time for your energy to be recharged to be able to play again. You could convert the in-game currency to get energy or resort to IAPs if you want to keep playing longer.

That limitation aside, Word of Wonders is a fun game that you can play in short bursts. It is available on the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store for free.

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