Shoot Down Some Dinner in the Fun Game Duck Destroy for Windows Phone

Duck Destroy Windows Phone

I have fond remembrances of happy childhood Sundays spent at my Granny’s place. She had the cutest looking ducks in her backyard and we’d always have a plate of the best duck roast every time we visited her. What does a Windows game have to do with that? Not much I guess, except that you get to play a fox who must get dinner on the table by pulling out his slingshot, assault rifle, or other weapon, aiming at the sky and shooting down some of those delicious ducks. The game is aptly called Duck Destroy and while you may not really get that plate of duck roast on your table, you’ll certainly have a good time shooting them out of the skies.

In the game, you are handed a humble slingshot and asked to bring down ducks which fly across the screen. Some ducks are easy to shoot down (with just one shot) while others must be hit multiple times before they eventually succumb. You don’t have a free run with your shooting either. Ducks can pop out of the bushes and fling stuff at you and should you get hit, you lose a life. Get hit too many times, its game over.

Duck Destroy 1

Duck Destroy 2

Duck Destroy 3

Duck Destroy 4

Each level in the game comprises missions. You’ll need to complete at least one mission in each level after which you’ll be given a chance to play a mini slot machine game and multiply your earnings. During the game you can pick up bonus gold by collecting eggs dropped by falling ducks. The game also has interesting powerups that you can shoot at and collect. Your in-game currency can be used for upgrades, or buying weapons for mass destruction.

The game’s challenges comprise of Granny Quests, which could be anything from shooting down a certain number of ducks to using dynamite a specific number of times. The game has 50 levels of gameplay that are beautifully animated and spread over three beautiful environments, a farm, a winter wonderland, and space.

If you are on the lookout for a fun, engaging and challenging game (to kill a few boring hours in your day), do check out Duck Destroy. Its available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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