Show Off Your Aerial Dogfighting Skills in Blazin’ Aces, a Brand New Arcade Game for Windows Phone

Blazin Aces Windows Phone

There aren’t many good looking aerial combat games on the Windows Phone Store, but it looks like Blazin’ Aces from South African developers Red Dot Lab fits the bill quite nicely. The game has you piloting an airplane with the sole intention of taking down enemy planes. You will be required to steer your plane deftly, avoiding incoming shells and engaging in some breathtaking flips to accomplish your objective.

Blazin Aces 1

Blazin Aces 1

Blazin Aces 2

Blazin Aces 4

The game has a frantic reckless feel to it as bullets fly haphazardly, boxes of power ups float down heavily, planes flip around acrobatically and smoke and chaos prevails everywhere on the screen. The engaging single player campaign even lets you spawn an ally plane to help you in your missions. Interestingly, when the going becomes impossible and your plane is shot down, you can eject your pilot, parachute him safely to the ground and have him take refuge in a nearby building. If you manage to make it to the safety of the building you will be rewarded with a brand new plane, which will be useful when you get back up again.

Despite its realistic sound effects and gorgeous graphics, Blazin’ Aces doesn’t really offer too much variety and depth in gameplay. However, you do get the chance to indulge in your fetish for crazy acrobatic mid-air stunts on your Windows Phone.

If you like the look of what you see in this trailer, you can pick up Blazin’ Aces from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99.

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