Simplicity at Its Best; Go UP!

Every once in a while you need a game that is just simple with no frills. You don’t want to have to think strategy to defeat a whole army or figure out some mind boggling puzzles. Go UP! by Gogzs is exactly this. As the name implies, in Go UP! the goal is to go up! But it is slightly more complicated than that.


Now, there are a lot of vertical jumper games where you simply just tap the screen to jump up. Go UP! is different than that and actually has a challenge. To successfully jump to one tree limb to the other you need to tap the corresponding buttons that are listed on the limb. This makes Go UP! more of a judgement and speed based skill game rather than just a mindless vertical jumper. While graphics are nothing to really brag about and admittedly gameplay is still very simple, it is that bare bones simplicity that makes Go UP! so addicting. I mean, look at Flappy Bird, you don’t need much to become a hit. With that being said you can pick up Go UP! for free on your Windows 7 or 8.x phone at the Windows Phone Store.

Windows Phone Store

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