Skyman for Windows Phone Lets You Pretend to Be a Stuntman

Ever want to be a stuntman for a big Hollywood movie or just want to do stupid stuff like on Jackass? Of course, those things have real life risks but in Skyman, a new game from Playerthree, you get to be a stuntman with no danger to your immediate self.

Skyman Windows Phone (1)

Skyman Windows Phone (2)

Skyman Windows Phone (3)

Skyman Windows Phone (4)

All in all, Skyman is a sort of glorified distance game. There are two modes; career and challenge. In career mode you have thirty days to make your jumps and you earn cash for your distances per day. You use the money from your crashes to purchase upgrades to go further, etc. An interesting aspect of this is if you crash too badly you can “miss” work for a few days therefore affecting your total score. Challenge mode is a series of challenges such as jump a certain distance, maintain a certain altitude, etc. Gameplay in both is fairly similar and has you being shot out of a cannon. Of which you control the power and tilt of. Once in the air you can choose when to deploy a parachute to land back on Earth safely. Skyman is a fun game that takes a popular theme and expands on it a bit, Check it out for your windows Phone today.

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