Slice Wood in the Ridiculously Wholesome Entertainer Jack Lumber for Windows Phone

Jack Lumber Windows Phone

You are Jack, a happy go lucky guy who turns into a tree hater when your granny gets killed by a mysterious tree with blue pine cones. You have to take revenge by grabbing your trusty axe and chopping down any tree that you happen to see around.

In each level, plenty of logs will come crashing down and you must slice or chop them all before they fall off the screen. You don’t have to chop each one of them individually though. When you touch the screen the action slows down and you make one long lengthy swipe through as much wood as you can within the set time. When you release your finger the logs either get chopped or dropped. One of the points you must remember while chopping is that the logs can only be chopped vertically and not any which way you like. Tough!

The logs themselves come in different shapes, sizes and varieties. There are numbered logs that have to sliced exactly the same number of times as mentioned on them while arrow logs can be sliced only in the direction of the arrow. There are also logs carrying a jar of syrup, which brings on a quick bonus wave where you must slice through a circle of logs that are coated with the syrup.

Jack Lumber 1

Jack Lumber 2

Jack Lumber 3

Jack Lumber 4

The game isn’t just about slicing logs though. At times, you will be required to save cute animals too! An engaging and funny storyline weaved into the gameplay lifts the game to a whole new level. For instance, Jack’s cabin is the base where you chill out with the animals you saved. Tapping the creatures makes them jump around, emit crazy noises and act hilariously funny. There’s even a disco ball in the cabin that can start off an animal party.

The game has an extensive map with numerous levels and players can earn stars for their successful attempts. In fact, the more stars you earn, the better are the chances of unlocking special items in Jack’s cabin. The game also features an endless mode called Infinitree with just three lives in which to survive.

Jack Lumber is a light hearted colorful game that can easily entertain you for hours. Pick it up from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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