Sling Watermelons into Baskets in the Fun Puzzle Game Mortar Melon for Windows

Mortar Melon Windows Phone

Physics based puzzle games and slingshots often go hand in hand. Flinging an angry bird or a zombie past glass and wooden objects, spinning blades and other terrifying obstacles never gets stale does it? Well, if you, like me love such type of games, here’s one to add to your Windows collection. The game is called Mortar Melon and has you flinging melons past insane obstacles to get them safely into the basket where they ought to be. The game developed by Mudvark Limited is instantly available for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices such as the PC and the tablet. The game will also be landing on the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program pretty soon.

Mortar Melon 1

Mortar Melon 2

Mortar Melon 3

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In the game you’ll be given a cannon and a watermelon and you’ll have to use the cannon to shoot the fruit into the basket. You can either do it directly or by bouncing it off a series of obstacles. While some of the obstacles are easy to work around with a click or a tap (such as rotating windmills), others are much harder to deal with. In fact, if you happen to hit a buzzsaw, you’ll have to contend with a cool watermelon smoothie instead of a basket of fruit at the end of the game!

Stars are the rewards you earn for your efforts. Beating a level gets you one star but collecting all the strewn fruit will earn you all three of them. That’s a big challenge as some of fruits are encased in bubbles which sometimes gets blown off the screen.

The first Jungle world in Mortar Melon has 24 levels and is available for free. If you wish to play the Desert world which holds another 24 levels, you’ll have to purchase it via IAPs. The extra levels will cost you $1.29 on the Windows Phone and $1.49 on Windows 8.

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