How Smooth is Your Slide? Find Out in Kitty in the Box for Windows Phone

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If you’re making an utterly silly game, why not just go wild with the idea. Kitty in the Box is set in the deep blue skies where a small platform emerges with a kitty at one end and an open box at the other. There is also a tiny fruit placed just after the box. Your job is to press and hold the screen to get kitty to start running and then let go so that he slides right into the box.

The challenge in the game is that if you press too long or let go too soon, your kitty will fly through the box and out of the platform into the depths below or just fall short of the box. And in both cases, the game is over. However, if you do manage to get the kitty in, you earn points, and those points get doubled when you manage to grab the fruit too.

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After one successful slide, the platform expands and you continue the game until you fail. The game developer must be a cakeaholic as his platforms are made of creamy slices of delicious looking cake, and the kitties themselves seem to be named after one yummy flavor or another.

The game has an easy mode and a hard mode, each with different controls. You can also unlock more kitties if you meet certain achievements. There’s nothing more to the game, but its got cute cats and is fun enough to play for awhile. It’s a free download on the Windows Phone Store so do check it out and let us know what you think.

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