Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup 2014, a Racing Game with a Soccer Theme Lands on the Windows Phone Store

Soccer Team Bus Battle - World Cup 2014 Windows Phone

The Football World Cup event in Brazil is certainly bringing out the creative best in mobile game developers. Lunagames for instance has come out with their Windows Phone game called Soccer Team Bus Battle – World Cup 2014, which has little to do with soccer and more to do with racing, but with a soccer theme at its center, its simply hard to ignore.

The story behind the game is that a rival team has stolen the World Cup before the tournament has ended and made good their escape on the national team bus. You must give them chase, in your national team bus of course, try and take them off the road, and claim the trophy for yourself. Hmmm.. that’s certainly one way of winning a World Cup!

Soccer Team Bus Battle - World Cup 2014 2

Soccer Team Bus Battle - World Cup 2014 3

Soccer Team Bus Battle - World Cup 2014 1

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There are 32 national team buses that you can choose from and plenty of customization options that let you change the neon under-carriage lights, add a racing spoiler, modify the rims, and add armor plating. The game controls are straightforward; you tap the left side of the screen to steer your vehicle to the left, tap the right side of the screen to steer right and hit the boost button at the bottom of the screen to scoot towards the culprits at a faster speed. Collectibles in the game come by way of soccer balls that a rival bus will throw down your way. Yellow balls represent coins, green balls recharge your boosters and white balls heals your damaged bus.

Just like any soccer event, this game comes with its share of tumbles and fumbles. You can sideswipe enemy buses but the same can happen to you too. If your bus takes too much damage or if you get caught in a head-on collision, it is game over. You also have to contend with crazy traffic and forget about fair play if you want to reclaim the trophy. After all, ramming into a rival’s bus is no way to win a game, but its totally accepted here. A good reason why you won’t be seeing any referees or red flags I suppose.

Soccer Team Bus Battle is free to download and play, but it is heavily ad-supported. If you can live with that annoyance, you can pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store and show off your racing skills.

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