Solve Riddle Bombs Using Your Math Skills in Kaboom for Windows Phone

Kaboom Windows Phone

The world as we know it is constantly under threat of terrorist attacks. In Kaboom, it is the turn of an evil mathematician to play the bad guy. He has been bombing the world’s major cities with his riddle bombs, which can be defused only by tapping the correct answer. And it is up to you to take him on!

The game has two fun levels, the easier “Don’t hurt me!” option and the much more challenging “Bring it On!” mode. As far as gameplay is concerned, you will be taken to a beautiful city where bombs are dropping from the sky. Behind each bomb is a math question, the correct answer of which lies in the options lining the left and right side of the screen. If you pick the correct answer, the bomb defuses before it reaches the city.

Kaboom (1)

Kaboom (2)

The main types of problems you face are reasonably challenging addition, subtraction, division and multiplication type questions but it’s the pace of the game that makes it challenging. You start off nice and easy but then have to really be quick about it as you progress through the game. There are some cool powerups that slow down the bombs or protect the city temporarily, but if all fails and you let three bombs strike the city, it is game over. At the end of each game, you earn gold coins which can be used to unlock more powerups.

Kaboom is a fun casual game to play for all, but is especially ideal to challenge kids and spruce up their math knowledge in a fun way. You can grab the game from the Windows Phone Store for free. $1.49 via IAPs will help you lose the ads if they bother you.

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