Spider-Man 2 Finally Arrives on Windows Phone

Spider-Man 2 Windows Phone

Back in mid-March, developer Gameloft promised that their hit game Spider-Man 2 would make it to Windows Phones in April. Well…they didn’t quite make that deadline but now in mid-May Spider-Man 2 is finally out for Windows Phones.

Spider-Man 2 1

Spider-Man 2 2

Spider-Man 2 3

Spider-Man 2 4

So what do you get with the Spider-Man 2 game? Well, it does a good job at expanding the universe and stories set forth in the movie (which has been out for a few weeks). This means you get to meet new characters like Black Cat and Screwball. Villains include Venom, the the story itself is more expanded as you swing around the city doing what Spiderman does. Also, Spider-Man 2 is full of great animations with great graphics to really make this a perfect mobile video game counterpart
to the Spider-Man 2 movie.

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