Spooky Monsters Invades Windows Phone 8

Spooky Monsters (1)

There are times when creatures that go bump in the night send a shiver up your spine. Publisher YenCheng’s action adventure game on the Windows Phone 8 store, called Spooky Monsters is nothing like that.

You play a cute little purple spirit who has been asked by the dead that rest beneath the tress in a dark forest, to defeat certain unpleasant and unwanted creatures that are disturbing the peace of the land.

Spooky Monsters (2)Spooky Monsters (3)Spooky Monsters (4)Spooky Monsters (5)

These evil monsters are hardly evil looking, with bright, vibrant colors, but of course that is the whole problem. Their bright lively colors and excited movements are disturbing the dark spirits who simply want to lie in peace. You need to tap on the screen to move the purple spirit up and down and tackle these colorful creatures, but not before you munch on some of the green monsters who will give you the power to tackle the others.

Sounds like a game you’d like to mess with just before you hit the bed? Hit the download link to grab this free game on your mobile. And do tell if you enjoyed playing the game.

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