Spot the Odd Ones Out in the 5 Differences Game for Windows Phone

5 Differences Windows Phone

Back in the days when there were no mobile phones, one good source of entertainment for me was checking out the Sunday weekly for the “Spot the Difference” game. In the game, you had two identical images with six subtle differences and you had to spot them if you could.

It appears that the game still hasn’t lost its lure because now you can entertain yourself with the same game on your Windows Phone thanks to publisher Mahender Gundepuneni’s 5 Differences”. The game features two main modes of play. The Quick Play mode displays hand drawings while the Play mode displays images in a series of episodes or chapters. Each chapter has about 20 images with difficulty levels assigned.

5 Differences 1

5 Differences 2

5 Differences 3

5 Differences 4

When you enter a chapter, you see two identical images and must tap on the screen where the differences exist. The challenge in the game is that you must spot all 5 differences within 60 seconds. The game features at least 40 free images and you can get more if you like by purchasing them via IAPs. An image pack with 20 images cost $0.99. You can also pick up a Super pack that unlocks all the episodes for $2.99.

5 Differences should give a good workout for the mind and is quite apt for the little ones. You can download the game from the Windows Phone Store but keep in mind that there are IAPs involved in this one.

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