Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Gets an Update Brings Facebook Integration and More

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Windows Phone 8 (1)

Star Wars Tiny Death Star players, it is time to hit the update button and grab yourself some new features that LucasArts has just unleashed.

First on the list of improvements is Facebook integration. Players who sign into Facebook will now be able to check out which of their friends are playing the game. That’s not all. Signing in will save the game progress so players can access the game across devices.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Windows Phone 8 (2)Star Wars Tiny Death Star Windows Phone 8 (3)

The next feature included in the update is the ability to send Salvage Droids to collect valuable resources needed to build the Death Star. You will be able to pick up a variety of items including exclusive floors, characters and other rewards, items which you will most likely not find anywhere else.

This latest update is also available for Windows 8 devices, so if you’ve been playing the game on your PC, be sure to grab the update from the Windows Store as well.

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