Steal the Ball and Fly the Pig in Piggy Ball – Chaplin Game Version for Windows Phone

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version Windows Phone

Didn’t get enough of the soccer action at the World Cup event in Brazil? Then here’s Piggy Ball – Chaplin Game Version, an endless runner that has you helping Piggy escape after having stolen the World Cup ball. As if stealing isn’t bad enough you’ll have to help piggy fart his way to escape too.

First off, you’ll have to choose the country you want Piggy to be working for: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, USA, England, Germany, France, or Italy. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll need to get Piggy to fly and avoid the obstacles that he encounters along the way. Flying is achieved by tapping on the screen which makes Piggy fart and thereby rise up.

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version 1

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version 2

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version 3

Piggy Ball - Chaplin Game Version 4

Obstacles come by way of stacks of boxes, some lined up from the ground while others hang from the top. You must carefully navigate Piggy between the spaces because touching any of them will cause the game to end. Your score will depend on how long you managed to keep Piggy safe.

Piggy Ball is quite a tricky game and you’ll need to have the utmost concentration if you want to keep moving forward. The game can be quite unforgiving in the initial stages as you don’t get a chance to familiarize yourself with the controls in the early rounds. But with a little patience, you can eventually beat the game and enjoy it too!

Piggy Ball – Chaplin Game Version is available for low memory devices too so grab $0.99 and head over to the Windows Phone Store if you want some soccer action of the weirdest kind.

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