Super Why! Packs 4 Great Educational Games in One Fun Package for Windows Phone

Super Why Windows Phone

The Windows platform may not equal the Android or iOS platform in its offering of educational games, but there are some real gems out there. Take for instance Super Why!. This is an educational app that helps your child learn the alphabet and improve his or her reading and spelling skills through four fun interactive games.

The games feature popular characters Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red and Super Why from the PBS television series. In the first game Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Hunt, Alpha Pig is going down an alphabetical path by spelling words. When he calls out a word, you need to choose the correct alphabets to spell it out for him.

In the second game, Princess Presto’s Wands-up Writing, the princess calls out a word and you need to help her find the letters to fill up the blanks. Then, when you have picked up the correct letter, she waves her magic wand to outline the letter and you have to follow her movements to mimic the same.

Super Why 1

Super Why 2

Super Why 3

Super Why 4

The third game, Wonder Red’s Rhyming Time shows you a word, with two possible rhyming words. You need to choose the correct match and the rhyming word for that word.

The last game is Super Why’s Story Saver, where you are shown a sentence with a missing word and an illustration. Super Why reads out the sentence and gives you three choices to complete the sentence. When the word is picked out, Super Why reads out the sentence with your choice and the illustration displays the correct answer.

Correctly playing all four games rewards you with cool stickers, which you can use to play an entirely new Stickers game.

If you’ve got kids at home who are learning their ABC’s Super Why! is a solid game that will teach them the required skills in a fun interactive way that they are sure to enjoy. The game is available on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store for $2.99, but there’s a trial version that you can check out before you buy.

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