Survival Run with Bear Grylls Brings Endless Running Thrills to Windows Phone

Survival Run with Bear Grylls Windows Phone

When you think of endless runners, the first game that comes to your mind is probably the king of the genre “Temple Run”. Now you can play a similar type of game on your Windows Phone, alongside a popular Discovery Channel personality and bears.

Bear Grylls, the popular survival expert of the hit TV show “Man vs. Wild” makes a star appearance in the game. You have to guide the poor fellow who has walked into a cave (and probably woken up a sleeping grizzly) and is now being chased all around the jungle by the cranky grizzly. You will run, jump, double jump, and dodge obstacles on your way to safety and make use of cool powerups such as rescue choppers, power paragliders, and jetpacks to avoid getting eaten by the carnivore.

Survival Run with Bear Grylls 1

Survival Run with Bear Grylls 2

As you progress through the game, you can unlock 9 additional Bear Grylls characters too. What more can you ask for eh?

The game has been receiving updates for some time now on the Android and iOS platform, which is probably an indication that plenty of people are still enjoying the game on other platforms. If you loved Temple Run, you’ll find just as much to love in Survival Run with Bear Grylls. Go ahead and pick it up from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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