Survive Collapsible Ceilings in the Fun Arcade Styled Windows Phone Game City Dodge

City Dodge Windows Phone

City Dodge is a light arcade style game for your Windows Phone that will have you moving your game hero from one safe spot to another in the hope of surviving collapsible ceilings.

You move your hero by swiping across a single button or using the two-button layout. The game initially starts off in New York City with options to unlock a further four scenes (Paris, Paris (crazy/expert mode), India and Ancient Egypt) as the game progresses. Each game requires one energy point to play and you can use coins earned during gameplay to buy more energy or wait to replenish your charge over time.

City Dodge 1

City Dodge 2

There are plenty of bonus items in the game that add a bit of variety and excitement in gameplay. For example, a light bulb bonus will guide you to the safe doorway while a green fist will knock out your enemies and take you to safety. The bonus meter at the top of the screen indicates your bonus collection and when you hit the green bar you get the chance to generate lanes on the screen that will help you better identify your safe spot. The game also throws in a few missions that will give you a chance to earn more bonus items should you complete them successfully.

City Dodge is a fun engaging game that gets pretty challenging the longer you play. You can pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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