Can You Survive? Hungry Crew Out Now for Windows Devices

Hungry Crew Windows Phone (1)

Released over a year ago was a simple game called Hungry Crew by PlayBuff Studios. Gameplay revolves around your ship and crew being stranded at see and you are equipped with one heck of a harpoon. The goal is to then basically spear fish to gain food to feed your crew.

Hungry Crew Windows Phone (2)Hungry Crew Windows Phone (3)Hungry Crew Windows Phone (4)Hungry Crew Windows Phone (5)

Of course things get slightly more difficult to give you a challenge. These come in the form of tortoises you cannot hit as well as endangered species that if you catch end your game. To be a successful fisherman (spear fisherman?) you will need to get the hang of the angle of your harpoon compared to the speed of the fish. Again, Hungry Crew is a very simple game but one that will have you playing game after game. You can get Hungry Crew for free on the Windows Phone Store if you think you are up for the challenge.

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