Swipe to Hit the Bulls Eye in Darts Match Game for Windows Phone

Darts Match Windows Phone

You may have fond memories of spending fun filled evenings at a pub playing darts with your buddies. This popular game is however no longer confined to the walls of a building anymore. Thanks to mobile game developers, you can now pick up a darts game on your mobile device and if you own a Windows Phone, Darts Match is the game you should be checking out. It offers different types of dart games that should keep you and your pals engaged for hours.

Darts Match 1Darts Match 2

The game mechanics are pretty simple and a short tutorial at the start of the game will get you started in no time at all. You swipe upwards to hit your dart on the board and you score points for each shot you make. In the single player mode, you can take on an AI in three classic games 501, 301, and Round the Clock. In the social mode you can challenge your Facebook friends to the same classics. If you are a newbie, you can go for the easy or medium difficulty levels, but if you are an expert, you can take up the hard mode and pit your skills against heavier competition. You also have the option to customize your darts with a choice of flights, shafts and barrel darts.

Darts Match is quite a realistic looking dart game for your Windows Phone and its yours for the price of free.

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