Take Control of Mini Cars in OverVolt: crazy slot cars for Windows Phone

OverVolt crazy slot cars Windows Phone

Want a game you can show off to your Android and iOS pals? Then download this one. Its called OverVolt: crazy slot cars and it has you taking control of miniature slot cars and making sure they don’t fly off the track.

The key to the game lies in how you control the accelerator, that big orange button on the left of the screen. An indicator at the top of the button shows you how fast you’re racing and to give you a better idea if you’re going to be in trouble, you can keep an eye on the indicator above the car as well. Hint: a red indicator is a sure sign that you’re going to spin off the tracks pretty soon. You can find out the current position and lap on the top right corner of the screen and choose from up to 5 different playing angles from the camera button at the top left corner.

OverVolt crazy slot cars 1

OverVolt crazy slot cars 2

OverVolt crazy slot cars 3

OverVolt crazy slot cars 4

Winning fluently will earn you three stars and unlock the next level of play. You can use the coins collected during gameplay (or IAPs) to pick up some cool cars from the game collection. One other noteworthy feature of the game is the ability to paint your car using your phone camera. All you need to do is move the camera around to get the right texture but you’ll have to spend a 100 coins if you want to save your custom paint. (or you must have the premium version of the game.)

OverVolt: crazy slot cars is free to play up to 10 levels in one world. If you want to play more, you can buy the premium version which costs $2.49. This will give you two extra worlds, unlimited multiplayer, 5,000 credits, and free saving of custom paint texture. If you have a Microsoft account, you can get the premium pack for free by logging in with it. Overall, that’s a good deal for a cool game, so head on over to the Windows Phone Store to pick it up.

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