Tank Invaders Lets You Engage in Movie Style Warfare on Windows Phone

Tank Invaders 1

Have you heard of a maniac villain by the name of Terror? Well, it seems he has prepared his war machines for a major offensive against our allies worldwide. And since you are the only known bombing specialist around, you’ve been summoned by General Rogers to put an end to the maniac’s worldwide threat!

Well, at least that’s the story in this ridiculously cool war game Tank Invaders by Mgaia Studio. The game picked up the Best Mobile Game of SBGames 2013 Independent Games Festival so if you have any doubts about what this game can deliver in terms of entertainment, that should be a good testament.

Tank Invaders 4

Tank Invaders

Tank Invaders draws its inspiration from the action movies of the 80’s with over-the-top explosions, and lone wolves posing as anti-heroes. As a bombing specialist, you’ll get to make use of deadly missile launchers, powerful machine guns and special magnetic bombs to fend off space invaders, waves of enemies, and powerful big bosses. As always, you’ll be able to level up and upgrade your gadgets and weapons by climbing up the military ranks and earning war funds in the process.

Tank Invaders is compatible with 512 MB devices too, so if you’re in the mood for some movie-style explosive action, check out the game on the Windows Phone Store. Its available for the price of free.

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