Tap The Frog Leaps Onto Windows Phone Store

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After having an unofficial version of Tap the Frog hit the Windows Play Store last year (and subsequently getting pulled), Playmous has finally published the official Tap the Frog version for all of us to enjoy. If you don’t know the Tap the Frog game it is a series of eleven minigames that aim to test observation and reactionary skills and is perfect for short bursts of gaming for all ages.

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The minigames it involves are: Paint the Frog, Jump the Frog, Pop the Frog, Fly the Frog, Launch the Frog, Build With the Frog, Feed the Frog, Treat the Frog, Leap the Frog, Drive the Frog and Fight the Frog. As you can see Tap the Frog involves a lot of frogs. Again, each of these games tests reactions and observations. For example in Paint the Frog you are shown a group of frogs that are colored in two different colors. Tapping one frog will turn it the opposite color. The game is to get all the frogs the same color in a short time frame. All the games are simple but can be hard to master. There is a free trial version but the full game is $0.99 (a steal honestly). Check it out now! Get hopping.

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