Tap Tap Glider is an Endless Runner Game for Windows Phone

Tap Tap Glider Windows Phone

Endless runners can be rather a good choice of games to play when you’re endlessly bored and need something short and distracting to clear the cobwebs in your mind. Tap Tap Glider for Windows Phone is one such game, where you take control of a paper plane and see how far you can fly it without crashing.

Tap Tap Glider 1

Tap Tap Glider 2

Tap Tap Glider 3

Tap Tap Glider 4

You start off the game by tapping the screen to launch your paper plane that’s lying parked on the desktop. Tapping the screen again will launch the plane into the air. You’ll come across a host of insane obstacles such as hanging plants, coffee cups, and even books, which you must be able to deftly navigate by flying over or beneath them. To make things more interesting, the game scatters bubbles around the flight path, which you can collect to unleash the plane’s special ability.

The game has four different colored airplanes to fly but you’ll have to progressively unlock them depending on the distance you travel. Things can get progressively difficult as the game progresses, but then such is the nature of endless runners.

Tap Tap Glider is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Do check it out if you are looking for a simple, engaging time killer.

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