Tap Tiles to Grab Top Scores in Super Tap Ultra for Windows

Super Tap Ultra 2

Sometimes the simplest gaming concepts turn out to be the most fun. Take for instance a game that was developed by one man team Inhuman Entertainment for a New York Microsoft Publish Contest. The game had a simple concept, was developed in a short span of time and eventually went on to win the contest as well as be named Microsoft’s Best Game of the Month for May.

The game in question is Super Tap Ultra and as the name suggests, involves a lot of tapping, although none of it is mindless or random. You have buttons showing up on your screen with numbers 1,2 and 3 on them. You tap on a button exactly the same number of times as it displays on the button. For instance, you tap a number 3 button three times. Each time you tap the button, the number on it gets reduced indicating how many times you have left to tap.

Tapping a button too many times or tapping on an empty space will end the game. A depleting bar at the top of the screen also indicates how much time you have left before the game ends. If you have a successful long run, you’ll build up a combo and slip into an Ultra mode that will burn up everything that’s on the screen, earning you extra points. The ultimate aim of the game is to score as much as you possibly can. However, one disappointment is that there are no online leaderboards to add a bit of competitive edge to the game.

Despite the limitation, Super Tap Ultra is a clever game that can be enjoyed in short bursts. It is also a universal app, which means you can buy the game on one device and play it on other Windows devices as well. Super Tap Ultra is currently available on the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store for free. The offer is available until the end of the month after which it will revert to its original price of $0.99. Give this cool game a whirl and tell us what you think of it!

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