Meet Taptiles the Best Looking Mahjong App in the Windows Store

Taptiles Windows 8 (1)
If matching pairs of closed tiles is something that makes you happy, then mahjong is a game that’s probably caught your attention. Many mahjong inspired apps are available on the Windows Store, but Taptiles is one that comes with a totally gorgeous interface and mind blowing puzzles.

Unlike mahjong, where you have closed tiles and the possibility of getting blocked when you make a wrong move, in Taptiles, you can be assured of a victory because your tiles are open, always paired, and you can rotate the 3D puzzle to find your match. So the difficulty or challenge lies mainly in the time factor.

Taptiles Windows 8 (2)Taptiles Windows 8 (3)Taptiles Windows 8 (4)Taptiles Windows 8 (5)

Taptiles features three game modes. In the Dash Mode you need to rapidly clear tiles for which you will earn bonus time and bonus tiles which can rapidly alter gameplay. In the Origins mode, you take on bigger and more challenging puzzles with less stress on the time factor. The Relaxation mode is one where you obviously match tiles at your own leisure. You can also participate in daily challenges that bring interesting twists and challenges to the fore every day.

If you own an Xbox, you can login to your account to earn achievements, compete with friends, submit scores to the leaderboards, and track your personal game statistics.

If you have exhausted your love for the classic mahjong, its time to get your hands on the gorgeous Taptiles. Grab the game from the Windows Store for the price of free.

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