Think; Simple and Addicting Puzzle Comes To Windows Phone 8

Think Cover

Think… That is the simple title for June Software’s minimalistic puzzle game. Think is essentially a word association game where you are shown a picture and you have to guess what they represent. Think you can do that?

Think (1)Think (2)

The drawings you are shown are very simply drawn a la the minimalistic style yet often involve multiple parts to solve the puzzle. At first Think is very simple. For instance you are shown a picture of a man (like in a bathroom sign) and you have to correctly identify that it is in fact a man. However, as you go along the puzzles get more and more challenging involving phrases and movie titles. In general Think is a very casual game. There are no time limits and you can play at your own pace. So you can play Think when you want and for however long you want, there are no strict time limits or waiting around. If you think you can master Think then check it out on the Windows Store.

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