TileRider is a Gorgeous Adventure Puzzle Game for Windows Phone

Tile Rider Windows Phone

7 Soft Pillows, a two man indie development team have been hard at work these last two years to bring an exclusive game for Windows Phone users. The fruits of their labor are finally revealed as a Windows only title called TileRider.

Tile Rider 1

Tile Rider 2

Tile Rider 3

Tile Rider 4

This is a game with unique gameplay. The first screen shows off the game’s main character getting sucked into his smartphone leaving him to fend off the enemies who are blocking his exit. The game environment is rather like a puzzle and you have to navigate the path to the exit, avoiding obstacles and shooting down enemies who come in your way. You make use of the items in your environment to your advantage to accomplish this. For instance you activate buttons to make use of automatic rifles to shoot down enemies or you move boxes lying around the path to smash them onto incoming enemies.

TileRider’s most noteworthy feature is its stunning graphics which you will definitely appreciate if you decide to take this game for a spin. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.99, but you can make use of the free trial to test the game before you buy it.

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