Tink Magician, A Magical Defense Game, Comes to Windows Phones

Tink Magician Windows Phone

If you’re looking for a defense game for your Windows Phone after beating Kingdom Rush and the other big names then check out Tink Magician by Khanh Phuong. Tink Magician has you summoning and using all sorts of elemental powers to fight back the monsters, of which there are plenty to keep you frantic.

Tink Magician 1

Tink Magician 2

Tink Magician 3

Tink Magician

Gameplay in Tink Magician is fairly unique. Enemies move at you on a set path like in a tower defense game but instead of placing towers around you swipe different gestures on top of them to attack them. Each elemental attack you have has a different gesture to use and once you get going you can only bring four different ones into battle, so choose carefully. Monsters are pretty varied and there are even big boss battles. In reality, Tink Magician seems like a more structured and less chaotic Fruit Ninja (with all the swiping) but does still retain some franticness as in later levels you will be constantly swiping. Overall though Tink Magician is fairly unique and is quite fun to play.

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