Tinker with Animal Genes to Create Your Own Species in Doodle Creatures for Windows

Doodle Creatures Windows Phone

If you have previously played Doodle God from JoyBits Ltd. you’ll feel right at home with Doodle Creatures, the latest game in the popular franchise that is now available for the Windows platform. This is a puzzle game where you are given a variety of animals and must combine them to create new and unique creatures.

In the game you have a cat, a hamster, a fish and a parrot and you must combine them to create new creatures. However, that doesn’t simply involve tapping on the two creatures. You must research and scan the genes of the animals you want to combine (which takes real world time) and once the genes are identified, you can combine them with any of the other animals to create new specimens.

Doodle Creatures 1

Doodle Creatures 2

Premium currency is needed to do the gene research and you do have a little bit of it at the start of the game to play with. You can also build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory so that you can continuously keep researching the genes.

Doodle Creatures looks like a lot of fun, the series is definitely a popular one with over 130M players enjoying the series worldwide. You can pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 or for your Windows 8 devices at $2.99.

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