Top Gear Fans Look Out; Beat the Stig Out Now For Windows Phone

Race The Stig Cover

Who would have thought that Top Gear would put out an app, especially an app for Windows Phone. Well don’t question it as we already have it. Beat the Stig by BBC Worldwide is out now and is of the familiar endless runner concept. Before you moan and groan about that let me say that Beat the Stig is one of the better endless runners.

Race The Stig Windows Phone (1)

Race The Stig Windows Phone (2)

The goal of Beat the Stig is to race your car and collect gold nuts without hitting the obstacles. Fairly standard but what Beat the Stig does right is become a fanfare app for Top Gear fans. By this I mean you’ll get to race in popular recognizable locations from the show, drive recognizable vehicles like Richard Hammond’s Oliver, Jeremy’s Italian police car and James’ Amphibious Triumph Herald and more. There is even more content that gets constantly added to Beat the Stig. If you’re an endless runner fan and also a Top Gear fan then Beat the Stig is one heavenly combination.

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