Total Defense 3D Brings Fun Tower Defense Action to Windows Phone

Total Defense 3D Windows Phone

Its never too late to enjoy a good old tower defense game on your Windows Phone. Even if the game has been played a zillion times over on the Android and iOS platform and forgotten too! I’m talking the Total Defense 3D by by Damn Fox Games.

In the game, you do what you’ve mastered in a thousand games before. Place weapons on a map and take out the string of enemies who come in waves to capture your land. However, what makes this game so much fun is its cool 3D graphics that gives you a chance to experience the game in a refreshingly new way. You can zoom in, rotate and pan the screen to get a completely realistic view of events on the ground.

Total Defense 3D 1

Total Defense 3D 2

Total Defense 3D 3

Total Defense 3D 4

Another cool aspect of the game is its innovative strategy that lets you destroy your own infrastructure in order to take out or restrict the enemy. For instance, you can blow up bridges or bomb monuments to block the roads leading up to your headquarters, all of which will come in handy when there are multiple entry points on your map.

Total Defense 3D also brings an interesting RPG angle into gameplay. You can level up specific weapons in each level and reset your skills before each level to experiment with the best ways of making use of your firepower. There’s plenty of content too, with a free Earth level and three planets that can be unlocked for $1.99. In total, you can enjoy 22 levels of action with nine to twelve waves promised in each level.

Total Defense 3D also comes with a free trial version, which you can pick up by clicking the button below.

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