Turret Commander is a High-Octane 3D Shooter for Windows Phone

Turret Commander Windows Phone (1)

If you are on the lookout for an intense shooter game for your Windows Phone its time to take a look at Turret Commander. In this game, you take the hot seat behind the turret gun of a B-17 Flying Fortress with the sole aim of shooting down enemy planes or perish in the process.

You have the option to upgrade your weapons and ammunition before you start your mission and then it is just a question of marking the red blips or enemy planes on your radar and shooting them down. You are given a mission in each round and you can unlock each of the further missions only after successfully completing the current one.

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The game’s controls are all displayed on screen ( planes downed, time count, weapons, repair, etc.) and you can control your turret movements either by touching the left lower quarter of the screen or using tilt controls. If you need a break from the missions, you can go into the Endless mode and make a quick buck or two, which will help you upgrade your weapons faster.

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Turret Commander is a fun shooter with fast paced action that will keep you entertained for some time, if not forever. It is free, but ad-supported and you can pick it up from the Windows Phone Store.

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