Uber Racer Zooms to Windows Phone

Uber Racer Windows Phone

Uber Racer is a rather popular racing game by Mad Processor that has been out for iOS for a while and has now come to grace Windows Phones. The theme/story behind Uber Racer is that civilization is in the last throws of its resources. There are now these fearless and intense races for the last bits of oil (kind of ironic in my opinion). With a backstory like that you know Uber Racer is going to be intense.

Uber Racer 1

Uber Racer 2

Uber Racer 3

Uber Racer 4

There are ten different environments you get to race in with Uber Racer with some pretty high definition graphics. You can enter in the career mode which has 31 race days and some of those having more than 10 events. There are four different race modes such as time trial, 1 vs. 1, elimination and general racing. Overall there are 15 cars to race in and each are individually customizable. Uber Racer also has some nice features like realistic damage, thumb tracking, a 3D menu, and realistic sounds. There are plenty of hours of gameplay in Uber Racer and you’ll be in for a ride the whole way.

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