Unity Developers for Windows Platform Get an Exclusive Offer from Microsoft


Unity games has been steadily increasing its presence on the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. In just over seven months since they tied up with Microsoft, over 2000 Unity games have hit the Windows platform and the numbers only seem to be growing bigger.

Toy Story: Smash It!, Temple Run, Wreck-It Ralph, Drift Mania are just some of the games that have seen great success on the Windows platform. And game developers are only too happy to share their success stories. Magma Mobile, publishers of Bubble Blast 2 reveal that their 1millionth download happened in just two and a half months of being on the Windows Phone Store and in just the last 30 days they have seen an addition 1m downloads on their games. Others like Pat Toulouse, President of RatRod Studio have credited the straightforward process of porting to Windows as the reason for them generating over 5m downloads over the last half year. And T-Bull says that its latest racing game hit the 3m mark in just under 3 months.

Microsoft is obviously pleased with the progress made by these games thus far, and are reaching out to other Unity developers to make their mark on the platform too – through a unique incentive program. The program is intended for talented Unity developers working with Unity 4 and who have experience in shipping games and apps on mobile platforms. The content submitted must obviously be innovative and unlike any other games or apps in its genre.


Such developers who qualify for Microsoft’s terms and conditions will receive two types of benefits. Either a free Dev Center account for Windows and Windows Phone stores, free Microsoft Windows 8 Pro License, 1 Developer device (phone or tablet) and priority review for store promotion; or all of the benefits mentioned above plus 1m impressions ad package on Adduplex, 1 extra Developer device, feature placement on the Windows Unity gallery, and access to technical assistance.

One point of disappointment though is that the promotion is limited to certain countries. Do check out if your country qualifies by hitting the Terms and Conditions link above. Once developers are accepted into the program, a token to register for a free Dev Center account will be provided. You will have to part with your credit card information for account verification, so be prepared for that as well.

Microsoft is scheduling porting events around the world as well, so if you are a Unity developer and are interested in the program, do check it out.

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