Wacky Puzzle Game Numolition for Windows Phone Brings Destruction by Numbers


There’s a new puzzle game on the block and this one’s a bit wacky. Its called Numolition and it will have you working with a crew of demolition experts who want to flatten constructions. The key to doing that is where the game gets a creative touch. Instead of simply whipping out your weapons and blowing things up, you move numbered blocks around to build a combination of like numbered blocks and then tap to blow them up.

Numolition includes three game modes, which can be unlocked progressively, if you earn enough number of stars that is. Initially you start off with 50 basic levels, then move on to an endless mode where you will get an endless supply of blocks and must combine them to equal 10, which will then set off a bomb doing the necessary damage. In the Sandbox mode you have a collection of blocks that you must combine to remove as well as blow up.

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If its all a bit confusing to you, a handy tutorial will guide you through the initial levels of the game. The game’s comic styled graphics, 120 plus bonus challenges and innovative puzzles are sure to keep you engaged for long hours. And with a math angle to it, I’m sure you’d want your young one playing the game as well.

You can check out the trial version of Numolition before you buy it off the Windows Phone Store for $1.49.

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