Want An Action RPG? Look No Further Than Pylon

Pylon Windows 8 (1)

In any action RPG, finding tons of loot and adventuring for hours is the main draw. Pylon by Quantum Squid Interactive brings all that and more in their ARPG package and is one title you seriously should take a look at.

Pylon Windows 8 (2)

Pylon Windows 8 (3)

Pylon Windows 8 (4)

Pylon Windows 8 (5)

Gameplay/controls in Pylon feature fast hack n’ slash controls with a bit of tactics thrown in. Combat is real time and can get quite hectic. Interestingly enough Pylon features three different classes, each with different skills as well as pros/cons that you can switch between freely. If you don’t like the classes you can create your own hybrid class as well, of which everything is upgradable. Again, loot is important for all RPGs and Pylon does not forget that. In fact there are thousands of loot combinations with such items like swords, wands, armor, maces and a whole lot more. Pylon does cost $4.99 but you get a well polished game that boasts 6-10 hours of gameplay, so you can weigh the decision yourself.

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